About us

The Friends of Mponegele Ke Itirele (FOMKI) was set up to provide financial assistance in support of the work of the South African Mponegele Ke Itirele (MKI) project, a registered non-profit organisation working with orphans and other vulnerable children in the Mankweng area of Limpopo Province, South Africa.


We work closely with committee members in the South African project to support their work in the Mankweng area and strengthen the impact on their community.

FOMKI’s Mission

  • Improve MKI’s capacity to provide food, clothing, and emotional support to vulnerable children
  • Promote education, training and career guidance opportunities for the children
  • Support extracurricular activities and skills such as computer literacy, sewing, vegetable growing, and others
  • Expand the centre’s capacity to provide for more vulnerable children in the community
  • Increase public awareness of the needs of vulnerable children and households in Mankweng, Limpopo

Our people:

FOMKI was founded by the late Dr. Sylvia Weir in 2002. Currently, FOMKI has 6 trustees:

  • David Weir (Chair)
  • Jon Jones (Secretary)
  • Sam Weir (Treasurer)
  • Marine d’Elloy
  • Gavin Weir

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