How we help

Funds raised through FOMKI currently support basic vital work of this community project by providing:

Stipends for carers: We support 5 carers, who cook for and feed the children twice daily from Monday-Friday, and on Saturdays given sufficient provisions are available.

Stipend for a gardener: We support a gardener to develop the land for growing vegetables, and tend to the fruit trees already on the property. This will provide additional food for the children and potential income from surplus vegetables that can be sold. The children will also be involved in the growing of vegetables, providing opportunities to develop valuable skills.

Funds for baking supplies: The kitchen has equipment for baking bread. Carers and volunteers are provided with necessary ingredients to bake bread, used both for feeding the children and for selling to the local community to raise additional income.

Funds for services: Sufficient funds for covering ongoing electricity and security costs.

Contribution towards food supplies, where donations are insufficient for children’s basic needs

Further needs:

There is much more we could do!

  • With the carers currently relying on donations of provisions and clothing from local businesses, food supplies may not always be reliable: developing ways of extending income potential (like bread making/ vegetable growing), and additional regular funds for food would be welcome.
  • Running costs for vehicle – used to collect provisions, take children to the doctor etc..
  • In the past the community project has received funds for extra tuition for children after school. More funds for this would increase the potential for educational attainment.
  • Funds to support college fees for children who progress to further education.