How we help

FOMKI’s support has been crucial in enabling the Mponegele Ke Itirele (MKI) project to provide basic services and a safe nurturing environment to over 70 vulnerable children in Mankweng, Limpopo.

FOMKI currently supports basic vital work of MKI by providing:

Support for education and training opportunities that the centre provides for the children. 

Funds for services that cover ongoing electricity and security costs, and soon to support the installation of WIFI across the centre.

Investing in livelihoods and income generating activities allowing the centre to raise additional funds and become more sustainable. So far, this includes: 

  • Baking: carers are provided with necessary ingredients to bake bread used for feeding the children. Baking is an activity the children participate in, but is also used to sell to the local community to raise additional income.
  • Fruit and Vegetable growing: gardening activities to teach children agricultural skills, such as how to grow their own fruit and vegetable, feed other children at the centre, and to sell surplus yields in local markets.

Stipends for all staff at the centre: We support 5 carers, who cook for and feed the children twice daily from Monday-Friday, and on Saturdays, given sufficient provisions are available. We also support Rosina, the centre manager, and Alfred, who provides IT and administrative support.

But, there is much more we could do!

With more funding, the centre can provide for more vulnerable children and expand how they help.

  • Funds will pay college fees for children who progress to further education;
  • The centre will be equipped with WIFI and computers will be made available to the children;
  • The costs of extra tuition and activities can be covered so that children can enhance their educational attainment and well-being;
  • Provide running costs for a vehicle, essential for collecting provisions and transporting children to and from basic services.

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